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Here are some interesting risks from the recent filings of FORESTAR GROUP INC. Our algorithms work hard to highlight risks unique to this company.
So long as D.R. Horton controls us, our other stockholders will have limited ability to influence matters requiring stockholder approval, and D.R. Horton's interest may conflict with the interests of our other stockholders.
Any inability to resolve favorably any disputes that may arise between us and D.R. Horton may result in a significant reduction of our revenues and earnings.
D.R. Horton's ability to control our Board may make it difficult for us to recruit independent directors.
We qualify as a "controlled company" within the meaning of the NYSE rules and, as a result, may elect to rely on exemptions from certain corporate governance requirements that provide protection to stockholders of companies that are not "controlled companies."
We may not realize potential benefits of the strategic relationship with D.R. Horton, including the transactions contemplated by the Master Supply Agreement with D.R. Horton.

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