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Here are some interesting risks from the recent filings of LIGAND PHARMACEUTICALS INC. Our algorithms work hard to highlight risks unique to this company.
The following is a summary description of some of the many risks we face in our business. You should carefully review these risks in evaluating our business, including the businesses of our subsidiaries. You should also consider the other information described in this report. Additional risk no presently known to us or that we currently deem immaterial also may impair our business.
Future revenue based on Promacta, Kyprolis and Evomela, as well as sales of our other products, may be lower than expected.
Future revenue from sales of Captisol material to our license partners may be lower than expected.
Third party intellectual property may prevent us or our partners from developing our potential products; our and our partners’ intellectual property may not prevent competition; and any intellectual property issues may be expensive and time consuming to resolve.
We rely heavily on licensee relationships, and any disputes or litigation with our partners or termination or breach of any of the related agreements could reduce the financial resources available to us, including milestone payments and future royalty revenues.

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