Algorithmic Business Summaries

Wouldn't it be great if you get an understanding of the business as a story? Key metrics woven together that explain how the business is doing. I have always wanted to get a high level sense of what a business is about? We are pleased to announce Algorithmic Business Summaries, Stories woven by our algorithms that crunch a company's financials so that you don't have to. Save time by getting a sense of the business before digging in deep. Here's an example: Pfizer Inc.


We are commited to making this experience richer. We hope that you find these useful in your research process. If you are a wealth manager,investor or user reading this post I would love to connect with you to learn about your pain in researching companies. Shoot me a note at . One more thing, Algorithmic Business Summaries are available on our Alexa skill!. Try asking "Alexa ask Share SEER, Tell me about Microsoft" or your favorite company. Alternatively say "open Share SEER" followed by the request.