Company Risks

Every listed company in the US needs to disclose risks to its business to potential investors. Risks that the company discloses are found in the Risk Factors section of a 10-K filing. The problem with that is many times investors encounter boilerplate such as "Global and regional economic conditions could materially adversely affect the Company". Some companies are good at saying a lot without disclosing any meaningful risk. It is with this in mind, I decided to start building a risk analyzer which applies machine learning and natural language processing techniques on Risks extracted from S &P 500 companies. To access them visit the shareseer page for a company and then click on the analyzed risks section. Our algorithms work hard to separate the wheat from the chaff. E.g e.g

Analysed Risks are available on our Alexa skill!. Try asking "Alexa ask Share SEER, what are the important risks for Johnson & Johnson" or your favorite company. Alternatively say "open Share SEER" followed by the request. This is still a work in progress. Please reach out to for any feedback you have. If you liked this read more at the shareseer blog