A Voice Assistant for Investors

I've always wanted financial information with voice. In-depth information when asked, whether or not we have access to a screen. Company summaries and insider information when I'm jogging or driving. Being able to perform research on the go. The current assistants are quite primitive in what financial information you can get from them. Imagine if things were better. Well now they are! Our team is pleased to launch ShareSEER on Alexa


Here are some of the invocations: Get the Summary of a Business

Get the top insider sales of the day

Get institutional holdings:

Simply install the ShareSEER skill on your alexa app and fire away the queries. You can either say open Share SEER and ask a question or alternatively in one shot ask variants of

  • Alexa ask Share SEER , Tell me about Microsoft?
  • what is the net profit margin for Facebook?
  • what are the earnings for Facebook?
  • What are the Shares outstanding in Tesla?
  • what are the important risks for Johnson and Johnson?
  • what are the top insider purchases today?
  • what are the top insider sales today?
  • what are the latest insider transactions?
  • what are the top holdings of Renaissance Technologies?
  • what are the top owners of Costco?
  • what is the percentage of Apple held by Berkshire Hathaway?
  • what are the top institutions by AUM?
  • If you notice these questions pertain either to research on companies, insider transactions or instituitional holdings. All this is powered by our fabulous ShareSEER platform. One more thing this is just the beginning. We are on a journey to build a conversational financial engine and a personal assistant for investors. One that ingests data firehoses and spreadsheets and spits out an understanding of a business.

    We are commited to making these experiences richer. We hope that you find these useful in your research process. If you are a wealth manager or investor reading this post I would love to connect with you to learn about your pain in researching companies. Shoot me a note at contact@shareseer.com .