2019 In Review

2019 was a foundational year for ShareSEER. We created the world's first Voice Assistant for Investors. Answering questions like "Tell me about Microsoft", "What are the top insider purchases today", "what are the top holdings of Berkshire Hathaway" and much more. This is perfect for use when you are driving, running or anywhere on the go. Install our Alexa skill! to experience the magic!

Getting there was quite a journey. The first step was creating a platform that could field questions. We noticed that there are too many insider transactions reported each day. We created dashboards for the top insider transactions of the day and week to jump right to the interesting transactions. We also added holdings from 13F filngs enabling users to see what are the top holdings of an institution e.g Berkshire Hathaway Holdings. We further enabled the reverse view of who are the institutional owners of a given company e.g Owners for Google. Then we went ahead and created a dashboard of all institutional managers by Assets Under Management.

Going further down that rabbit hole we added 13G/D filings which are filed when a greater than 5 % stake is obtained in a comapany. ShareSEER has become a powerful tool to get fundamental information about a company and its owners. We are proud of where we are today considering our first version was a simple search engine for accessing 10K's /Q's. We also sincerely thank all friends & advisors who gave us their most precious resource. Time!

We then asked "how can we get the sense of a companies business?". That led to the creation of Algorithmic business summaries which weave a story out of a tapestry of data that we crunch. Ultimately there is value in presenting information visually and via voice. This is just the beginning. Our mission is to create a valuation assistant for all investors. Removing the friction from the valuation process so that professional analysts and individual investors can both spend more time on the creative aspects of building their investment thesis and leave the mechanical aspects to us.

Thank you Dear ShareSEER users for making us part of your daily habit. We are commited to making this experience richer. We hope that you find these useful in your research process. If you are a wealth manager,investor or user reading this post We would love to connect with you to learn about your pain in researching companies. Shoot us a note at contact@shareseer.com .